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Products with high impact in international markets
Things BARCOLOBO Tears Rose 2016

USD $6.50 - $6.50 Unit

Min Order: 1.0

Rice Noodle

USD $65.00 - $70.00 Carton

Min Order: 1.0

Maker of Worlds Cabernet Sauvignon

USD $10.00 - $13.00 Box

Min Order: 500.0


USD $56.25 - $56.25 Unit

Min Order: 1.0

Mezcla para brownie de quinua

USD $2.30 - $2.45 Box

Min Order: 1.0


USD $0.28 - $0.62 Stem

Min Order: 200.0

HLPD - P. Vannamei Shrimp A2 A3

USD $3.00 - $10.00 Pound

Min Order: 1.0

Lepow Bluetooth Speaker - Modre

USD $14.91 - $14.91 Unit

Min Order: 1.0


Products with high demand in international markets
Men's leather shoe

USD $41.10 - $41.50 Unit

Min Order: 600.0

Carmenere Reserve 2009 / 2012

USD $4.20 - $4.20 Unit

Min Order: 1.0


USD $14.00 - $22.00 Carton

Min Order: 2400.0

Panty Control Señorero

USD $2.33 - $2.70 Dozen

Min Order: 1000.0

CICA Cream

USD $6.07 - $11.50 Unit

Min Order: 120.0


USD $1.00 - $2.00 40-Foot Container

Min Order: 20000.0

Polk Audio SB225 Universal Bluetooth SoundBar, 31"

USD $75.00 - $75.00 Unit

Min Order: 1.0

Vélez YUMBO coffee beans

USD $5.34 - $12.50 Unit

Min Order: 1.0


Find out information of interest about Latin American commerce
PachaTrade carries out the consolidation of non-traditional products and raw materials to Panama
by FromOzz  |  20/06/2021

PachaTrade carries out the consolidation of non-traditional products and raw materials to Panama in the DP World logistics center. Our strategic partners are the strength we have to be the best alternative to negotiate abroad.
PachaTrade establishes negotiations in the Costa Rican market
by FromOzz  |  20/06/2021

Through PachaTrade negotiations are consolidated in the Costa Rican market. We create and strengthen new spaces in the Central American market and worldwide. We maintain a solid international presence.
Fromozz positions itself as an efficient business partner
by FromOzz  |  23/06/2021

Ichiban, the main salmon importer for large Ecuadorian food chains, asked Fromozz to lead the negotiation with Aqualink as its salmon supplier from Chile, successfully achieving the satisfaction of the parties.
Exotic fruits and textiles, products with opportunities in Asia and Europe
by El Espectador   |  24/06/2021

The exotic fruit industry has seen key growth in recent years. The great variety of these products makes them attractive in other markets. PachaTrade is the channel that connects microentrepreneurs with their potential buyers.


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